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High Quality Rags by Vinnies...

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High quality cleaning rags and cloths.

Ready to Use

Rags true to description and are cut to convenient size with all buttons, zips and rough emblems removed.

Rags for Gold Coast and beyond

Rags for GOLD COAST extending to Tweed Heads area (South) and (North) Yatala

Vinnies Bag O Rags

Hospitality Rags
  • Coloured T-Shirt
  • White T-Shirt
  • Flannel
  • Cut Coloured Towel
  • Cut White Towel
  • White Sheet
  • Whole Drop Sheets

Rags by a trusted brand Vinnies Bag O Rags

Rags and Cleaning Cloths

Rags for all Purposes

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Recycling unsaleable clothing


Recycling unsaleable clothing

Each year our Vinnies shops process over half a million kilos of unsaleable clothing and fabric, so our rag recycling projects aim to maximise reuse and keep textiles out of landfill.