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Motor Industry Rags

The motor industry uses the following type of rag:

  • Coloured T-Shirt
  • Mechanics Mix - mix of assorted rag types

We supply high quality rags for your business. Generally if you order one day we'll deliver the next in most areas. Delivery times to some areas by negotiation.

Manager Tony Line
Rags for the Motor Industry

Vinnies Bag O Rags

Hospitality Rags
  • Coloured T-Shirt
  • White T-Shirt
  • Flannel
  • Cut Coloured Towel
  • Cut White Towel
  • White Sheet
  • Whole Drop Sheets

Rags by a trusted brand Vinnies Bag O Rags

Rags and Cleaning Cloths

Rags for all Purposes

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